Smart phones and dumb people

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
Uh-huh - yep I get it.

Those of us that did not have those things as we grew up - because - there was no such thing -- we SEE the problem - BECAUSE - we experienced life - differently. We also CLEARLY - SEE - what is happening to those that grew up with the technology - that was invented by our generation. OUCH!!!

I want a smart phone to replace my flip phone. BUT --- after watching that video - maybe the best thing is to throw out the flip phone and have nothing. No - I want the smart phone - but I don't want to be tied to it in that way.

SAD - but true.

Thank you for posting that.

I just wish a 25 year old could see the same way my 60 year old eyes see it. But they cannot.

Alan Bienlein

Norma and I could be used as the example in that video because the day we met if I hadn't of been looking out at what was going on while eating my lunch she would have just passed right on by and we wouldn't have had the life we do or I wouldn't even be here typing this.