Smoked Chicken

Bill Arnold

Staff member
Thomasville, GA
Bobbie picked up a bunch of chicken at the market a couple of days ago. It was $1.48/lb for breasts and $0.98/lb for legs and thighs. I rinsed it and tossed it brine for a total of about 40 hours (got busy on other stuff). Last night, I rinsed off the brine, oiled it and sprinkled a light coating of Traeger Poultry Rub on it to marinate.

This morning was cook time. I sprinkled my own rub on it for the smoke. I preheated my Traeger to 180°F to start to get a good layer of smoke on the chicken, then set it to 225°F until I got internal temps to 165°F (about 5hrs total). I removed it in seperate half-hotel pans to set it in my outdoor holding oven at 160°F until I brought it inside. I sliced open a thigh and it was juicy with a nice smoke ring and great flavor.

A bit much for just my wife and me? Yeah, but we have family coming this weekend, so I'm getting a jump on cooking!!!

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