Solisworks update

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
At first try last year I could not get Solidworks to function for me.


I didn't try hard enough.

There is no doubt that Dassult (maker of solidworks) is NOT the most intuitive to use.

I signed up again this year - another $100 dollars. Fusion 360 is closer to $500

What I found was the 3Dmaker experience has more functionality to it than just solidworks
There is a feature called xDesign that is very very similar to Solidworks - of course it is - it's still Dussalt

It is a little more intuitive that Solidworks, but it all still works the same way.

It's working for me this time.

So far - I am liking it.
I am doing some kitchen cabinet design

I see that there is a machining module also.
I am also seeing that I need a much more powerful computer, but I need a big sign jobe to be able to afford that.