Sous Vide Pork Butt

Ted Calver

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Yorktown, Virginia
My normal method for doing pulled pork involves 3-4 hours of low temp smoke followed by lots of time at low temp until internal temperature stalls out in the 160°'s, then wrap in foil for a couple of hours until internal temp nears 195°F °, then back in the smoker to crisp up the bark....a long and time consuming process requiring fairly close attention. This last time I tried three hours of low temp smoking in the Masterbuilt to get the smoke ring, then vacuum packed the butt (around 8 lbs) and dropped it into the sous vide bath@165°F for 24 hours. The plan was to then put it in the oven to roast for an hour to crisp up the bark but the darned thing fell apart on the rack and tasted fantastic, so we just dove in. Pulled great, great flavour, still some nice bark pieces and overall going to be my go to method from now on because I didn't have to tend the smoker for the better part of a day. Here's my $20 Coleman cooler SV set up. I used a hole saw to drill out one of the drink cups to hold the Anova. I need to put some great stuff foam in the lid to help keep the heat in because the lids are not well insulated in the cheap coolers (cold settles, so why bother). The meat is not as pretty as a full smoker cook, but equally tasty.

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Vaughn McMillan

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:thumb: I have a sneaking suspicion I'll eventually end up with one of the Anova heaters once I start hitting the limits of my cooker. ;)