Spray Gun for Makita MAC5200 Compressor

Bill Satko

Methow Valley
I am looking for a gravity feed spray gun for a Makita MAC5200 compressor. I will be using it to spray waterborne finishes, lacquer, shellac, etc. on small projects such as doors, trim, and furniture (some day!). Another larger sized compressor is not an option at this time. There are too many options and models out there for me to make an intelligent buying decision on a spray gun. Does anyone have experience with my compressor in spraying or a contact with a trusted supplier that could lead me to making the right buy?

By the way, I bought this compressor to replace my compressor which was stolen. So far I have been very happy with it. It is built like a tank and just as heavy so not something you would want to be moving around a lot, like in and out of a truck, but it fits my needs for here at home. I textured some walls with this and it performed very well.
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Jim DeLaney

Staff member
Austintown, Ohio
I've had the QS SERIES HVLP GRAVITY DETAIL/TOUCH UP GUN from Homestead Finishing for several years. It was the recommended gun by Jeff Jewitt. I like it a lot, and have used almost exclusively for Target waterborne finishes.