Spraying Guidance Please

I am in the process of building a cottage bed for my granddaughter. It will look like this

The frame members are poplar and the panels/roof are MDF. I want to spray on the finish, probably a satin or semi-gloss paint. I have an Earlex 6002 HVLP sprayer but have no real experience spraying paint. Looking for some guidance ... what paint type to use? thin it? add any conditioners? extenders? spray tip size? etc, etc. Any help is most appreciated.

I have reviewed the videos on the Earlex website. They say to thin a latex paint about 10%.

larry merlau

Delton, Michigan
use a large tip 2.0 spray on card board to adjust your consistency and flow and air rate.. i use water base lacquer from target for furniture pieces works well once you get it dialed in.. that looks quite large so maybe a airless would work better i just finished spraying my house and garage with water base solid color stair with a air less sprayer, went threw 14 gallons. airless pushes thick material easier

glenn bradley

Graco was once the de facto standard. I would look to rent an airless for the job. Like painting the house, a job like this wouldn't come along often enough to warrant owning an airless for me.