Stupid Human Tricks - Indexed Holes at the Drill Press

glenn bradley

I needed a series of holes in a piece of pipe. I have made other repeating patterns the same way. Basically a piece of scrap cut to some shape that you can clamp to your drill press. I happen to have a t-track on top of my DP fence so I drilled a couple of holes and used t-bolts.
Indexed Holes (1).jpg

A hole is drilled to accept a nail or dowel that is about the same size as the holes you need to drill.
Indexed Holes (2).jpg

Position the pin the distance from the drill bit that equals the spacing you want. About an inch in my case. Drill your first hole free hand, slide your stock over until the nail or pin drops into this hole.
Indexed Holes (3).jpg

Drill you next hole. Rinse and repeat.
Indexed Holes (4).jpg . Indexed Holes (5).jpg

I have cobbled together more refined versions of this for shelf pin holes or dowel holes. I just thought I'd share a quicky geriatric engineered repeating indexing method.