Subfloor Divot Repair?

Brian Altop

Tacoma, WA
The best product for patching divots in a floor...

Just ran across this thread, know its a little old...
The best product for patching divots etc in flooring is Ardex. You can find it at most carpet tool supply shops. You can also use Webcrete, but I prefer Ardex Feather Finish. The Ardex will flex with the floors and will not crack apart and separate from the flooring material (osb, plywood, etc). Over the years I have seen Fixall, drywall compounds, and other types of patching materials used that would normally be used for fixing holes in walls, boards etc. 99% of these have failed when I have gone in for repairs to homes. These products just can not take the stress of the flexing of the flooring and the constant impact of foot traffic. Ardex is about $12 for a 10lb bag. Mixes easily and works great, also dries quickly. Put on with a trowel.
Also a large scraper works great at removing those staples, takes out the majority of them and the ones that stay in are usually easier to remove with pliers etc since there is usualy one side of the staple sticking up now.
Also with removing the underlayment from under vinyl, if you cut it up into squares 1x1 or 2x2 then, even with glue you can sometimes pop them up. Screwed and glued? Good fun there!

Well, hope this helps someone! (been doing this for 10 years now) I know you already have your carpet installed, looks great!