Supermax 19-38 Drive Belt Change

glenn bradley

My original belt lasted years. Finally it was time to change it out and I went with the Klingspor version. It lasted about a year and was never really very good and it is time for another change already.

Four fasteners remove the platen / motor assembly.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (1).jpg
I also remove the "Fast Lever" before I clean out the frame area. The sawdust doesn't bother me so much but the abrasive cleaning stick residue is pretty gummy.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (2).jpg
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (3).jpg
The Klingspor belt was 100 grit with an almost slippery thin backing.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (4).jpg
The factory replacement is 100 grit with a heavy cloth backing that has some texture to it when new. I cannot say how long this rough texture lasts but it was pretty smooth on my original drive belt at 5 or 6 years (no surprise there).
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (5).jpg
The tension roller and drive roller were both pretty grimy.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (6).jpg
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (7).jpg
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (8).jpg
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (9).jpg
A little alcohol, a brass brush and a cloth cleaned things right up.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (10).jpg
I tape off the rollers and wax the platen.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (11).jpg
They stopped making this stuff. Glad I got a lifetime supply on clearance when that happened.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (12).jpg
A needle oiler puts a drop or two of light oil on the bushings and other moving parts as instructed in the manual.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (13).jpg
I put the "Fast Lever" assembly back in position and set the conveyor assembly onto the front posts. I put the lever in the raised position and lightly tighten the rear fasteners.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (14).jpg
Now I can put the lever in the normal position for use and raise it when I want to use it without loosening the rear fasteners. This method has worked reliably for a decade.
I check the drum alignment and, just as last time, find it unchanged. I love this part of their design.
19-38-Drive-Belt-Change-2 (15).jpg
I ran a few test boards. Just like a new blade or bit, the belt worked great. Over time there will be alittle bit of tension increase as the belt gets comfy. Once broken in I have never had to adjust the drive belt until it is time for a change.
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I thought you were surely mistaken when you said they stopped making Johnson paste wax. A quick Googling showed you're right indeed. I saw a "used" can of it for sale on eBay for $26. :eek: Or a new can on Amazon for $64.50, which is a price drop from the seller's previous $70 price tag. Wow, just wow.
I just found my can of it from storage. I had been looking for some and not found it, didn’t realize they had quit making it either.
I have a can (maybe two) floating around somewhere in my shop. I guess now I know to use it sparingly, if I ever need it again. Rust on machined cast iron is really not a problem here.