They don't make them like this anymore

Mark E Smith

I was in the shop today and needed to use one of my brad nailers, so I fired up the air compressor, an old campbell hausfeld electric 2 hp 20 gal tank. It started life as a mobile unit, but my dad turned it into a stationary one, running pvc pipes to several hose line stations throughout the work shop and garage. But the drain valve is under the tank and I always hated to close it because sooner or later I am gonna get spider have to stick my hand in a spider web to get to it. Anyways I thought why not replace that goofy drain valve with a ninety, connect a hose to it and mount a ball valve on the wall next to it, no more spider webs, so I did, works great, but I got to thinking, I know you shouldn't do air compressor was put here by my dad in 1975...jeez..I know he never did anything to it, and I sure haven't done anything to it either, never changed the oil, never changed or cleaned the filter, never put a spark plug in..NOTHING..that is 41 years and NO use it all the time, and I know he used it allot, he passed away back in 2005, and I am now retired and still using it a dozen times or more a year, every year. This thing outlived him and looking like it will outlive me as well. The thought crossed my mind for about two seconds to do some maintenance on this thing and quickly left, after 41 years messing with this thing now is just a bad idea, all I can do now is screw it up. Thinking maybe campbell hausfeld needs to hire me to do a commercial for their equipment, because this thing sure keeps on working, and working and working, they just don't make stuff like this anymore.
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