Time for some pretty joints!

glenn bradley

I use my tenon jig a fair amount at the tablesaw and at the router table. Mine is similar to yours and was sold by Rockler, is blue, but came with Jet paperwork??? :D. Still . . .
GnG Low CoD (3).jpg . tenon-jig-sliding-dt-1.jpg . tenon-jig-sliding-dt-sm.jpg
I played around with a dial indicator attached to it at one time. I find the rough scale and sneaking up on the dimension to be more reliable. Similar to measuring off your piece instead of off your plans; small variations and wood movement can be accounted for :). You can attach a backer for a clean exit on difficult materials. Handy to have and glad to have it.

Ryan Mooney

Staff member
The Gorge Area, Oregon
I bought a tenon jig some time ago. It is Delta. Brand new sitting in the cabinet. Still don't have plans to use it.

This is why I've avoided buying one thus far. I have other ways to make tenons and while they might not be *quite* as easy in volume it's also infrequent enough that without needing to do bulk projects.. it hasn't been compelling.. yet...

Although I will admit Glenn's nifty dovetail trick has some legs on it there!

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
I may sell it at some point.

I don't make furniture and I don't plan to.
I bought it long before I had my CNC machine.
I can make tenons on that, though a bit slower.

Between the CNC and the Laser machine, I have more to keep me busy, and I like this stuff a lot more.

All the rest of my shop is support for the craft and sign work.

If anyone wanted to break my arm, I would likely part with it.
I want to buy a DJI mini3 pro RC drone and I am saving up for that.

Right now - sitting in the cabinet isn't hurting.
If it stays there, I don't really care right now.

Brent Dowell

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Reno NV
I've got a blue one like that. I've always enjoyed using it for making tenons, but really like the idea of doing the sliding tenons.