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Don Baer

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Since I am in need of tooling and don't own a lot of router bits(I got ride on all but one of my routers several years ago) I am thinking of using 2 and 3 fluted end mill instead of router bit. In order to do this I would need more collets for my ER-20 chuck. The local BORGS don't carry a big selection of router bit anyhow so everything I need to get has to be ordered. Presently I only have a 6.5 mm and a 1/2" collet so if I use router bits I can use 1/4" or 1/2" shaft router bits. I would be good to go but If I use end mills the collet needs to fit the tool. I can get a full set of 14 collets that will cover me from 1/8" all the way to 1/2 inch so I am leaning in that direction but was wondering what you guys were using on you machines.

So what say you router bits or end mills.

here is a link to the to something like the ER-20 collets I am thinking about getting.

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
You will never use 75% - 85% of those collets. It is a cheap set and low quality. I would rather spend $45-$50 for 3 good collets that I WILL use rather than $25 for the same 3 collets plus others I will never use. Sure, you will save $10-$15 dollars. You will forget that savings when the collets fail.

You need 3 collets. 1/8 ---- 1/4 ---- 1/2

I use 1/4 buy FAR more than any other.

I have had my machine for almost 6 years and I just bought a 3/8 collet. Didn't REALLY NEED it, but for me and a project I am working on, it is a NICE to have item. I can EASILY do the job with a 1/4 end mill.

I get the majority of my end mills from Try to stay away from 3 flute. The 2 flute is better for chip evacuation. Single flute is also great. I use 2 flute uncoated. I don't find the coatings to so all that much for me. Carbide Depot does not have everything I use, buy I have never found a better source for the general run of the mill stuff.

I would not buy that set you linked to. Just my humble opinion.