Top Cabinet for the Dresser

The bedroom furniture project is complete (except for the two long bed rails that will convert the crib to a full size bed .. but no rush for these). Nice little top cabinet that dresses up the dresser (in my opinion) and will give the grand daughter lots of room for the 'girly' stuff. This will replace the changing table that is currently sitting where the top cabinet is in these pics. For now, the top cabinet is on a dresser in another room waiting for her to rid the diaper routine.

Wood: Jatoba and Walnut, MDF box/dividers, plywood back
Construction: finger joints, biscuits, inlays, laminates, dados
Finish: Danish Oil, 3 coats; General Finishes High Performance poly, 3 to 5 coats
Glass top to come

P1010912.JPG P1010915.JPG P1010894.JPG P1010902.JPG P1010895.JPG P1010897.JPG

Thanks for looking.
I really like that!

The walnut an jatoba complement each other well, and the proportions are perfect. Your granddaughter will cherish that for her whole life!

Well done, sir!
A great finishing touch and good call on the glass top. Dressers have a way of getting all sorts of things dropped on them; change, keys, jewelry, etc. None of these thing is bad in itself but, I have a walnut side table that got a glass top too late to save it from a similar fate.
WOW!!! I have a dresser that I am about one year away from building, and with your permission, I am changing my design following yours. It has an upper piece as yours but a 50" flat screen comes out of it. Love it and so well done!!!
Thanks all. It has been lots of fun building all of this and even more fun seeing the grand daughter putting it to use, well just the crib for now.
Tom, feel free to use as much of the design as you wish. Note, the drawer pulls were inspired and coached by Glenn B. Thank goodness I saw his chest before I started mine. I really like the look of these pulls.