Track saw not retracting

Darren Wright

Staff member
Kansas City, Missouri
I noticed today after using my track saw it wasn't retracting fully.
2020-02-08 12.15.32.jpg

So I started taking the cover off and the last screw stripped the screw head, doesn't seem to be my day for removing bolts/screws. :dunno:
2020-02-08 12.15.38.jpg

So I was able to drill the head off the screw, then get the stud out with a pair of vice grips. And here is what I found
2020-02-08 12.16.37.jpg

Guess I'll be hooking up the shop vac/DC when using it in the future.
2020-02-08 12.17.27.jpg

I took a few pics with one of my metric rulers on the saw to scale it by. I may draw and print out some plastic channels to help direct the dust/vacuum flow a little better. There really are some dead spots around some of the screw posts inside.
2020-02-08 12.35.30.jpg

I"m also going to print up a cover for the front plate to cover the hole to help with vacuum and escaping dust.
2020-02-08 12.33.49.jpg