Tweaking setting Acel/Decel

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
This is just a RAW video - no editing at all.

The speed is in REAL time - not sped up at all
Spindle RPM is 18,000
Feedrate is 300 IMP

What I was shooting for was to be able to get decent "form" on 3D cutting. On several jobs I noticed that the transition in movement from X or Y to Z was clipping the corner in the transition. Depending on how long or short the previous motion was the transition would be worst. If the previous move was long and allowed the machine to reach full speed the clipping was worst.

So with configuration - Motor tuning in Mach3 I played around with Acel/Decel only.
Initially I was testing at a feedrate of 250 IPM with 175 Plunge.
On my last test in this video, I cranked up to 300 IPM

The corner definition is acceptable to good. WAY better than when I started.

The biggest issue I have is when there are really short movements.
Not so much in this finishing pass in this video, but rather in the roughing cutting where there are cuts at about 1 inch long.
There is a LOT of extremely rapid direction changes in "X" axis.
I have rack and pinion drives on my machine and I am concerned with the wear on the gear meshing of the pinion and the rack.
I am not going to subject my machine to that torture in a real time job.
Even so --- The machine CAN do it.

I just wonder. I follow the Vectric User forum as much as or more than this forum. I see so many posts of people claiming to be cutting at 500-600 IPM. I believe I would break something on my machine at that rate, at least on this cutting job. I am pretty sure I could cut at 400-500 on a sheet of plywood for a cabinet carcasse.