Paul Douglass

S E Washington State
I was looking through Toni's thread on Ukuleles and I didn't want to interrupt the neat info that was being discussed there, it sparked in me to share a little of my experience with Ukes.... I have NO musical talent,,, NONE... so I play around with making musical things sometimes. The most basic, a Whinnie The Pooh musical thing for my last grand son, to the most complicated, my hand crank street organ. Could not have accomplished that without this site. I have made several tongue drums. a strumstick, many "Cigar box" guitars and a few "CB" Ukes. These are two of my last cigar box ukes, that I am very proud of. The one with the Kokopelli sound hole cover (I designed Kokopelli playing a Uke), is actually now owned by a gentleman that professionally teaches uke playing. My son taking lessons showed it to him, he loved playing it so much my son asked to buy it from me to give to him. I, of course, gave it to my son...he gave it to his instructor. The one with the Hawaiian sea turtle sound hole cover is still hanging on my wall.. I have had a few offers for it but I am not ready to let go. I do not know, but I have had several, that supposedly do, these have great sound and play great in the right hands.... (not mine).


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