using the Lofting and Shell commands in Fusion to create a funnel.

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Sketch up users are familiar with the push/pull tool, in Fusion it is called extrusion. Basically what you do is take a 2d drawing extrude it into the third planes some would call it 2 1/2 D. In Fusion there is another more power full tool called lofting. It allows to two extrude between two sketch in two different different planes. with Push pull you create a second plane by pulling the sketch to the new plane but with the loft command you join them together even if they have different shapes. I used this command a lot while modeling submarine hulls and it can be vary useful for 3 D modeling. In this example I will create an adapter to join a 2 1/2 inch hose to a 4 inch square opening.

flange adapter.jpg

This would be useful for dust collector systems.
I start out by making a rectangle 4 inches square with 3/8 rounded corners in the X Y plane

flange adapter 1.jpg

Next I create a next X Y plane that is 3 inches in the Y plane away from the original


Now I crate a circle that is 2 1/4 inch diameter in the news plane.


now I select the loft command from the create menu


and select the surfaces to use. The loft command fills in the space.

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Don Baer

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Now we have created a solid object we will use another Fusion command to hollow it out. From the modify menu we select the shell command.


select the top and bottom planes and tell fusion the thickness we want for the shell.


Now we will create 1/2 a lip on the square flange by editing the original sketch and using the offset command

using the extrude command give it a thickness of 2 mm.


If I were printing this on a 3 D printer it would be an easy matter of having Fusion create a STL file to send to my slicer.
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