Video of a fellow who's pretty handy with an axe

Ryan Mooney

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The Gorge Area, Oregon
Kind of a fun video on a fellow hewing a beam, he does a really good job of explaining some of the thought process and procedures without getting to bogged down on the details

Somewhat relevant as I was the luck recent bidder on 4 different broad axes. A couple of the handles are in rough shape, all of the edges need work, one has a bit of a crack, and the profile on one is more than a bit wrong.. but I reckon with a bit of work I'll have at least two functional, I was shooting for a functional left and a right bevel and I think I might also have a working double bevel as well so pretty happy about that. The double bevel has a bit of a crack on the eye but I don't think it's terminal, we'll see how it looks as I get further into it.

Not sure when I'll have a log of sufficient size that needs hewing (or if my failing elbows could handle it....) but you know, it's nice to have the option :)

Same auction I picked up 2 dozen claw hammers.. maybe 8 or 10 of which are fully functional (a few have bad heads but mostly just loose handles). There is something weirdly freeing about having a large bucket of hammers you can just grab one out of whenever you want haha. I wasn't really short on hammers before but am now pretty hammer rich :)



David Johnson

That was a great watch. That lumber jack is in pretty good shape to chop like that. More work than I'm willing to do now. Just think how many of those logs jave been shaped just like that.