Visit to Tak Yoshino Fine woodworking

Kyle Murphy

Tokyo, Japan
Today, I was introduced to Tak Yoshino who has his wood shop and the Fuji School of Fine woodworking. He is world acclaimed (I did not know) for his chair making. Type in TaK Yoshino on google and examples of his work will appear. He showed me his workshop. I just love the fresh clean smell of a wood shop. He has over 300 wood planes, most which he made.
he is a very nice and gracious individual. He is in the process of building a four building school. The buildings are being built using traditional joinery with massive beams.

all in all a wonderful and exciting time for some one who loves wood and the traditional skills.

after we went to a local Japanese Udon (noodle) shop for bowls of the local speciality, HOoTo udon.