Voigt Planes

Bill Satko

Methow Valley
I just want to communicate the great service I recently received from Steve Voigt of Voigt Planes. As many of you know I moved from the wet side of the Cascades to the dry side. The humidity change was not kind to many items that were acclimatized to the wet side. I had a saw bench that literally fell apart from the change. Another item that did not fare well was my wooden Try Plane from Voigt Planes. It twisted and shrunk. I could not get the iron or wedge in. It was very strange as the Jack Plane also from Voigt Planes had no problems.

I contacted Steve and he said to ship it back to him and he would fix it. I received the plane back the other day and this is what he said he did:
  • Flattened the sole and squared up the sides, recut the chamfers a little.
  • Opened up the mortise until the wedge fit nicely, then ground the sides of the blade and cap iron for adequate clearance. I only took about 1/32" off.
  • Checked the fit of the bed and wedge--those were just fine.
  • Bonus--I reshaped the business end of the cap iron so it's more in line with how I make them now. It should work a little nicer with super-close settings; for normal settings it won't be much different.
  • Tested the plane--worked fine--and gave it a couple coats of Birch Casey Tru Oil.
The plane looks as if it is brand new and cuts great. I did only a quick test, but will be giving it a work out soon. I really appreciate Steve making this repair a priority. It was only a week or so after I sent it to him that I got it back.


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