Walnut box

Oliver Springs, TN
Finished this one up today. The bottom panel and the bottom of the tray are figured maple. This one is a graduation gift for my principal's daughter. They have a family farm and over the last few years he's given me a few pieces of walnut. I was able to get enough to make the box from walnut from their farm.


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Oliver Springs, TN
Wonderful box John! Hope you wrote some sentiment on the bottom of the box to insure its prominence in their family for generations to come.

Thanks Jon! I have been putting something on the bottom of all of them. I guess I'm kind of humble about most things really. For a long time I wouldn't sign stuff I made. Then I'd have people wanting me to sign stuff so I started. I still feel odd when I do. I guess I look at stuff I make and think it's not worthy of me signing or I don't want people knowing I made it!:)

We had an exchange student from Italy this year. She is the absolute funniest kid I've been around. She had to go back home early because of the virus. I almost had her a box made when she left. I decided to mail it to her which was probably a mistake on my part. I sent it on 4/1 and it still hasn't gotten to her yet. Last tracking info was from it leaving Miami on 4/3. The tracking info said it would take 5 to 10 days.