well, off to the fair it goes....

Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
Our fair specifically exempts CNC projects from competition. Laser work, too.
That seems a little overboard. I could see putting those projects in a different category, but not allowing them at all seems harsh. It's not traditional woodworking in most people's eyes, but it does indeed require skill and practice.

Dan Noren

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falcon heights, minnesota
the wife :blah: and i went to the fair today. we spent a little over 8 hours walking all over the place. first thing checked, was the creative activities building, and found they had displayed it nicely, right up by the front door. big crowds this year,106327 showed up on thursday, 164741(a new record) on friday, not sure how many today. good crowd today too. took a pic of the chess set that took 3rd place, and a quick pic of the crowd.
North West Indiana
That chess set is amazingly detailed but sure would hate to have to dust it! What is going on with the crowd picture? Where you are seems sparse yet farther ahead a mob packed together like they were just released from a gate.

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
Hand made vs CNC made "should" be in different categories. Diane does crochet and makes some drop dead beautiful stuff. The work is certainy different. You all know I do my main gig as CNC. I can and I do also make hand made. I just choose CNC because I love to do it.

I don't look at CNC as being in the same category as hand made. Laser scroll work is cool and awesome. Hand made scroll work is cool and awesome. Side by side - not the same at all. I don't think comparing Hand scroll to CNC scroll is a fair competition. It's not about the final result - it's about the process PLUS the final result.

Here in this forum CNC is accepted, but in a crowd of 100,000 people - no, it is not accepted. However it is a growing category that is not yet part of the norm.

Dans piece is GREAT, but it just does not "fit in" with all the hand made items. That is, in my opinion, why it did not place. It's not because it's not good, because it IS good.

Personally I really respect and admire items in each category for what they are, but I cannot look at Hand made vs CNC made as equal. Not that one is better or worst than the other, but each represents a different skill set.

Well, at least that is my humble opinion.