well that was a bummer

Don Baer

Staff member
My Saturday appointment rescheduled so I had the day to spend in the shop. I decided to cut out the lettering for my Merry Christmas sign. I got the Merry part with out any problems and then half way through the second et of letter (it spells Chris) I heard a loud pop and then the sound of the pinion skipping teeth on the rack. This is what I ended up with.


The Y axis somehow got loose and jumped on the rails one motors got ahead of the other. I spent the rest of the afternoon tearing apart the machine and getting it all aligned. I will finish re assemble it tomorrow do some testing. Maybe I can finish cutting out he letters. I don't have enough MDF so I'll start over using 1/2 plywood.
Victoria, TX
I hate it when that happens. The hardest part of a project to me is getting started. Once started, I'm all in. It's frustrating to have something break and have to work ON equipment or machinery instead of with it.

Hope you get it sorted out.