What tools don't you have and why don't you have them (other than price)?

Frank Pellow

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Do you consider a permanent heat source in the shop as a tool? I've been heating in the past with kerosene reddy heaters and just last year bought a propane heater, but I want to install wood heat in the shop....I make my fair share of mistakes and I have a good supply of BTU's just waiting to be used.
Steve, I think that a propane space heater (externally vented) coupled with a wood stove is a great combination. That's what I have. The space heater is on a thermostat that makes sure that the shop does not go down to freezing, then when I go into the shop in the morning I start a fire to warm the place up for comfortable working.

Frank Fusco

Mountain Home, Arkansas
I would consume too much bandwidth listing all I don't have. But three come to mind:
A good shaper;
A scroll saw;
A better lathe.
The shaper would be nice. I currently have a Grizzly G8693 mini-shaper. It is a "mini" but is a working sucka. Amazing. But the real McCoy would be nice.
Scroll saw, I don't have because I don't want one. I inherited a very old, very large, industrial quality 24" Delta and promptly sold it. That endeavor simply does not appeal to me.
I have been singing the virtues of my $400.00 Grizzly G1067Z lathe for a long time. I still consider it one of the best dollar value lathes on the market. But, now I realize limitations of low speed and lack of power and am ready to move up. When the pocketbook is ready, I'm ready.

Doug Shepard

In Memorium
Waterford, MI
Really need a workbench bad - Workmates just aint cuttin it. Just nowhere to put it. I've used all kinds of things as a workbench - the top of my TS, DP table, picnic table, the floor. I'm hoping the Jetson's model comes out soon - the one that folds up to the size of a sugar cube and morphs into a massive 700 Lb, 7 ft long vise-covered beast when the right button is pushed.

Mike Wenzloff

Forest Grove, Oregon USA
My feeling is like expressed by others: more shop space. Need it, don't have it.

But tools themselves? I use to have too many, sold off tons of stuff. Now I purchase a few things I don't really need but instead simply want.

If the business expands there are upgrades to present equipment and a couple items I don't currently have which would enhance production.

But space will remain the top issue.

Take care, Mike

Joe Jensen

Here's my list of tools I want but have no room for.
1) Widebelt sander, I'd want a 37" or wider. Not only do I lack the space, but also sufficient power
2) Big sliding table saw
3) Oscillating spindle sander. I may find a way to squeeze one in the shop I have.
4) Downdraft spray booth
5) Large mortising machine
6) Large assembly table
7) Edge sander
8) 12" or wider jointer
9) Dedicated Rip saw

Oh well, dream on...joe

Bruce Page

Albuquerque, New Mexico
One of the common wood working machines that I have no desire to own is the shaper. I’ve works with industrial machines, large & small all of my working life but the shaper just scares me!