What type of sealer???

Rusty Shafer

New member
East Oklahoma
First of all, I apologize that this isn't really a wood working project. But I figured this would be a good place to get an answer on protective finishes.

We have a resin statue that we bought, already painted. And some signs (resin and pressed wood.)

The mushroom will be placed in the garden & the signs will be hung on a privacy panel behind our pool area. We are in Oklahoma, so we want to protect them from the rain, but MUST protect them from the sun.

Obviously, since everything came prepainted, we don't know what type of paint was used. What would be the safest bet, to not harm the paint, but waterproof & provide UV protection? If we have to do a brush on, that is fine, if it comes in a rattle can, even better!

Thank you in advance.