Why Would The Delta 20" Drill Press NOT Be A Good Choice?

Jeff Wright

Treasure Island FL
I am researching a new Drill Press. I have looked at the new Delta 20" introduced at the Atlanta show, but its availability keeps getting delayed - now sometime February or March '07. I like its 6"+ quill travel. The new Powermatic 2800 is out and available. However, the Delta 20" 70-200 has been out for a while and looks substantial. After reviewing its features below, what does it lack to be a solid addition to a woodworking shop?

20" 1HP 120/240V Drill Press Model 70-200:

Speed Range: 150-2200
Chuck Taper: Jacobs 3
Quill: Diameter - 2 7/16"
Quill Stroke: 4 3/4"
Capacities: Key chuck= 5/8"; chuck to table= 24 1/2"; chuck to base= 44"
Overall Dimensions: 67" tall; 18 1/2" wide; 34" deep
Weight: 345 lbs.
Quill Travel: 4 3/4" step pulley or variable speed
Motor: 1HP 120/240V, single phase; 60 Hz.; 1720RPM
Spindle Speeds: 150, 260, 300, 440, 490, 540, 1150, 1550, 2200
Table: Cast-iron, production type with clamping slots and coolant trough; 18 3/8" x 16 1/8"; tilt= 0 to 45 degs left and right
Column Diameter: 3 5/8"
Spindle Taper: #3 Morse Taper

Thank you for your input.
jeff, what are you wanting to do with a drill press? i`ve got by with the 17" tai/chi units for years in a woodshop......20" is nice! but do you need(or want) the extra deapth and associated costs? tod
jeff, what are you wanting to do with a drill press? i`ve got by with the 17" tai/chi units for years in a woodshop......20" is nice! but do you need(or want) the extra deapth and associated costs? tod

Tod, I will be building cabinets and furniture (and maybe an occasional small boat). But I also suffer from the syndrome of wanting to buy my last piece of equipment first and not being frustrated with a tool inadequate to do the job. If spending a couple hundred extra will help insure satisfaction, I figure it's money well spent.
jeff, if money is less of an issue than function...then go for the longest quill stroke available, 1 hp or greater motor, a large square table.......then throat depth.........then if you`ve not broke the bank and changing belts bothers you look at variable speed.............if ya` ain`t skeered yet:eek: :D , then look at the "gearhead " units.........some of these compare price wise to used bridgeports! which is the next step up.......and may be an option if you don`t mind used machines? older bridgeports that are worn for metal working have tighter tollerances than most new drill presses plus have x-y tables, deap throats and tons of power.........something to think about? tod
jeff, here`s a link to the gearheaded units carried through amazon;

for a used bridgeport? look local `cause they`re heavy! maybe a machine shop upgrading, or one going out of business......used equipment dealers....
bridgeports are really cool machines! if a person knows how to run one well he can build just about any tool in the shop with one.......but they`ll kick butt as a drill press:D .......tod
don, clausings are darn nice machines too! if the guy on craigs list is including some tooling?( it`s worded like he is) that`d be a potential steal.....
more food for thought eh jeff:D
I've ran both Bridgeports and Clausing and couldn't tell any differance. Yes it does look like tooling, collects and a vice are all included. I've evn taken end mills, cranked up the spindle and used them as a precision router, sure does make a router table kinda useless.
for $3300 the clausing is a lot more machine then the Jet and at cheaper price, plus it comes with a nifty vice, and all of the other gooddies. I looked up the specs on the clausing and it has six speed just like the jet and they happen to be the same 150 lowest 2500 highest.

It's no harder to use then the drill press just one heck of a lot more precise.
Now I find myself thinking about one for my new shop..:rolleyes:
jeff, don`s right......a milling machine is really no more dificult to drive than a regular ol` drill press........it`s just lots more versatile. plus you get built in x-y tables that you`ve gotta buy for a drill press......for my money if i where lookin` to spend even close to a grand on a drill press i`d look long-n-hard at used mills......tod