Withdrawn: 50" Vega Table Saw "Utility" Fence

Matt Warfield

Cedar Rapids, IA
After two and a half years, I'm finally setting my shop back up. :D However, I'm limited to a one stall garage and the 50" Vega fence simply isn't practical. Rather than cutting down the rails, I'm putting the OEM 30" fence back on. So....

I have a Vega Utility 50" table saw fence available for sale. It's been used for one year and stored for two and a half years. All of the mounting brackets are present. The only thing you'll need is the bolts to mount it to your table. I didn't have to modify any of the mounting holes for my table saw.


The new price at Amazon right now is $319.99. I think $150 is a fair price or perhaps too little.


Cedar Rapids, IA
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I didn't even consider putting it on my bandsaw. Oh yeah, I don't have one yet. Speaking of which, I would consider trades. I have a few other things I'll be parting with as well but haven't gotten there yet. Still debating on my Clearvue. :dunno:
Hmm, after using the OEM fence for a project that didn't require precision, I remembered why I despise it so much. A bit of a banana and can't quite bring it in parallel with the blade. It's great for cutting trapezoids though!!!

So, I'm going to cut down the rails on this 50" fence and enjoy its capabilities. Thanks to everyone for not purchasing this in my moment of forgetfulness. :D