Your Spray Area - Fixtures, Hangers, and Organization?

glenn bradley

I am not ready to setup the spray area yet but still, I seem to be spraying in that general area(?). While thinking about the more formal setup I wanted to tap the brain trust for ideas. How do you guys store your HVLP, your gun, tools, and cleaning supplies? What do you hang your gun on? Your hoses? Etc.? Looking for ideas for things that area handy while spraying as well as between sessions and after clean up.
Glenn we use Spray Fine Tubo , they stand behind there products. They work great. There guns are not that good but are sufficient for average. This room running 8-10 a day. So Victor has his stuff laid out. The air supply comes through 4 filtered holes in the ceiling above the boards over the cabinets. This helps with warmer air in the cooler months .


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Anything that I have wanted to spray is either put in a 3' X 3' box on it's side, or placed outside, sometimes on the top of my recycle garbage can, and sprayed. I did this with some reindeer ear rings this past week. It isn't time to open the reindeer factory yet for this year, but I'm making a few now for a couple of friends who I will not likely see again before next year. I usually open the factory in mid September. Then it's part time almost non stop reindeer until the first of the year. I think this is my 18th year of making and giving them away.