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He Alan,
One of the members reported your statement about socialism as political and against the term and condition. We as moderators are obligated to act on it Please don't take offense but if you would delete it we would appreciate it. BTW off the record, I agree with you.
her IP address shows when she first signed on was Berlin Germany and the one Today was Virginia.
Dave YES absolutely.

Certainly more than willing to pay for it.

Just let me know how much and how you want to be paid - or barter.

Leo Voisine
239 Chace Rd.
East Freetown Ma.

Dave Hoskins
Dave Hoskins
I'll get it off to you in a day or two. Try it to make sure it works for you and then we'll go from there. Sound fair enough?
Het Dave, I need your E mail address my sister in law has a coupla paintings she would like to look at for restoration.
Howdy neighbor. I came into a wagon load of small diameter spindles (1 1/2" and less) and was wondering if you or your students would have any use for them. If your interested I'll send pictures.
Jonathan Shively
Jonathan Shively
Steve, thank you for thinking of us. Cannot come up with a plan for them. Hardwood, softwood? Length?
You going into the business of making wooden tricycle wheels?

Hi Bob, love your Topsy build. A few questions if you don't mind. How did you build the drum beaters, how are you striking the glokenspiel from below, and where do find midi files. Thanks and again great build
supplement plan for wife? she is on total disabilty now and has been for a few years,, what would your recommendation be for her supplement she turns 65 in feb and there have been many phone calls trying to get her to sign up for this or that
Hi Bill — I purchased a 724 Ringmaster in 2015 and downloaded every video you submitted to YouTube at that time. I turned a few bowls but then I got sidetracked turning on my wood lathe instead. but, once again in interested in using the Ringmaster but when I went to review your videos I received an error message saying “for private viewing only.” Is it possible to download them from another source.
checks you might be able to shove some sliverss in the bad ones to help disguise them, then sand of. havnt finished jatoba much so dont know how it shows the grain under finish in the swirly areas use some timbermate and tint it to match
what paper you use rennie? i was told a few years ago to use cubic zirconum by a guy that runs a furniture school in jersy or new york, alan ????
Rennie Heuer
Rennie Heuer
I just spoke three days ago to the people at Klingspor. My question to them was - if I am sanding only raw, unfinished hardwoods, which paper will last me the longest. Their answer was to use their Stearate A/O paper. Less clogging, longer lasting. I was not concerned as much with the finish, just the longevity.
Hi Carol.
Sorry for the delay in answering you, I have been quite detached from the forum since I cannot ww. I hope to start again when the doc tells me I can try.
I never thought I would miss it so much, I don't even enter my shop as it gives me the blues.

Regarding your question, yes, in fact LOML and me are planning to come over US next summer, we are talking about either a single trip or maybe a combined one with several destinations, (two or three at most). So attending your gathering would be a pleasure for both of us, if time and dates can be arranged.
However, please do not plan it thinking about us, you set your dates and we'll make our best to come. How far are you now from Washington or L.A.? May be we could make those our stops as well and see other FWW friends there.
Thanks a lot for letting me know and please do keep in touch. I promise I will at least check the forum regularly.


Hi Toni,

This coming summer I plan to host a family gathering and I would love to re-create the west coast trip of the four amigos, at least the part where you all visited me.

I know coming to the USA is expensive, but if you have enough planning time, maybe it is possible. I also wondered if you wanted to show your wife the 'other' coast of America?

If you are able, my home is your home. I will reserved my guest facilities for you and Marisol.

The time is not yet set. If you are able to come, we will set the time and date to your schedule. Please think about it. It will be an awesome time together.
Roger, I've lived in the Keys for 40 years and was a dive boat Capt. on my off days form my regular job (park ranger). Worked like that for 15 years for extra money. My picture is out near Alligator Reef in my own boat. Sold that boat about 10 months ago - tired motor that needed replacement and there just wasn't money in the budget for a new one (15-18 grand). Had a lot of fun on that boat but we are also moving out of the Keys. Just not the place it was when we moved here (to many people for a two lane 120 mile road). To answer your question- have not been diving in many years and I'm just getting to old for it anyways. Love to swim and fish but diving is in the pass. I know that we both will miss the area and that beautiful blue water but all our friend are moving out also so there is not much to keep us here. What I am looking forward to is a larger shop with room to move around in. A one car garage has it's limitations.
Robert, I see you are a diver. I haven't seen that flag in a long time. My parents used to be friends with a diver, and we used to go to club events and eat hamburgers and watch. My mum sewed patches for the members, using the diving flag as the background. Have you been diving long?

Roger Tulk
I have a 8' x 27" x 1'(tapering to 3/4") piece of Quilted Mahogany from 'The Tree'. I made cassette boxes for Robert Novak in the 80's and ended up with this piece. It was his personal stash that his ex got in the divorce settlement and I bought form her, after hauling it around and storing for many years. I am interested in selling it. Iwill posted pictures if anyone is interested, but it is stored in the rafters of my shop and I have to dig it out. Thanks.
dem wuz dah daze wasn't they? Remember the face Fred carved into the tree stump with a hatchet?