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Thread: FWW Visit (Jason Tuinstra)

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    FWW Visit (Jason Tuinstra)

    I had a visit From Jason this morning. We had a great chat and had Breakfast too. I showed him some of My work and the shop. Sorry no pic's to share I'll quess you'll have to take are "word" for it. Thanks Jason.
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    man russ.......wild dream eh? ........jason seems like a really nice guy, glad ya`ll had a good time..tod
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    Russ, great visit. Thanks for opening up your home aka "the gallery." Your home is filled with wonderful examples of your skill and craftsmanship. It was a lot of fun. Next time we'll be sure to take pictures and make it "official."

    Thanks again for a great visit!

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    is this our first officail FW visit......?

    Pics next time please, but we will take your word for it.

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