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Thread: Weekend Doings

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    Weekend Doings

    OK a little late but it's still friday here in North america.

    So what are your weekend plans. I'm gonna deliver a little commision I did then I'll be back in the shop working away. I got some plane to turn another platter and work on the BIG DESK for LOML. Church oon Sunday morning, maybe have the TV on and watch a little FEETBALL, see if the cardinals can 3peat.. Oh and I'll go by the shop with attached house and check ooon the progress..

    So what you folks got on the agenda
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Just working on my shop all weekend. Ceiling, wiring, air, lights.
    Get machinery back in place and mostly hooked up.
    Hopefully working on cabinets monday.

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    I'm gonna start off with alot of sleep, it's been one of those weeks. Then my main woodworking goal is to get some 4x8 sheets under my lathe. The carpet is driving me crazy. Clean up is a bear with chips stuck to the carpet. Of course as simple as this sounds I will need another "man" to help me move the lathe.

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    puttin a double door at work

    then after that i get to play in the shop some, if you were closer jim i would give ya hand.
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    I'll be working on my new DC install Saturday, at least until LOML comes up with something. That may be fortunate as I'm constantly reminded that there can't be too much planning on a project like this. Keep running into the unexpected. Then Sunday we are hosting a "pre-cruse dinner" for some friends who signed up with us for one of the relocation cruses in April. Cruse leaves out of Houston with stops in Bermuda, Azores, Cork & Dublin, LeHarve, and Dover.

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    Three smaller cutting boards to finish, one big one to start, a couple of bowls to finish, maybe a bottle stopper or two, and as many pens and as I can stand to turn. And a partridge in a pear tree.

    Then, on Saturday afternoon...
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    Let's see. Got to go to a birthday lunch for a dear friend of LOML who is 97.
    After that, we're lookin' for a new 4-1/2' Christmas tree. She is having trouble getting up and down to decorate our 7' tree and since we store it in the attic, that's a problem for me. Course this means some "Flat" work for me. Looks like I'll be making a Candle Table 3" tall with collapsible feet so we can store the whole thing Flat.

    Next I have another night at the Local Nature centers Shop and Stroll. They have Artists there to sell our work, Musicians and Story Tellers.

    Sunday I hope to get back into the shop. I'm working on a HF out of Ambrosia Maple. I'm not sure what I'm going to use as a lid with finial; probably Bloodwood or Paduk.


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    Guys are coming to install the last bits and pieces to the corn furnace and get it fired. FW member Brent Grooms is stopping by to pick up a furnace I listed here in the classifieds.
    Going out to dinner tonight with a former customer I built a home for.

    Sunday, shop time.....maybe.
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    Now that I have the head for the X-31, I'm going to start the process of installing it.

    It was a PITA getting the original out, so I can only guess getting the new one in will be twice as difficult. I swear they built this thing from the outside in and if that's the case there should be a dead midget in there somewhere.

    Anyone not busy is welcome to help.


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