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Thread: Profit Opportunity ???

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    Profit Opportunity ???


    I don't venture down here where the spinny things live very often, but I found a site via Google ads that I thought I'd pass along.

    These guys sell wooden body art - I had to see that !!

    Turns out it's only for the ears. Seems to me that most of you could create a similar product without much trouble - maybe sell it to the local body piercing/tattoo parlour. I'm sure it's not to everybody's taste, but the prices they get for scrapbox size pieces look impressive.

    Your kids/grandkids don't need to know what they're for

    PS: Be sure to look at the picture gallery - they range from freaky to quite tasteful IMO
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    When I was doing a turning demo last montha guys watched me make a bowl. After I was done he asked some questions. It turn out he's got a Rikopn just like minwe and the only thing he has turned on it to date are plugs like those. He sells em to his nephew who has a tattoo parler. He said he was going to try some bowls now that he saw it done.
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