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Thread: First Lidded HF

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    First Lidded HF

    I got this done, except for the finish. Showed it to LOML. She said that she liked the HF (Ambrosia Maple) and the Lid (Paduk), BUT didn't like them together! She felt that the cover should be a darker wood. Can't say I disagree, but wanted to see what you folks thought.

    Your opinions - Pro and Con - will be helpful!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ambrosia Maple HF 1.jpg   Ambrosia Maple HF 3.jpg   Ambrosia Maple HF 4.jpg   Ambrosia Maple HF 2.jpg  

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    Bruce your lidded box looks great. I personally like the commbination of the two woods together.

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    I think the HF needs the lid, it looks plain withut the lid. The wood combination works for me.

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    Since you asked for opinions, pro and con, I kinda have to side with your wife on this one. I think the Padauk is a bit overpowering in color and contrast with the Ambrosia Maple. If I were not using a burl wood for the lid/finial, I would have chose either Cherry or Walnut. Ebony or Blackwood would be nice too. ( I usually try to accent the ambrosia markings when adding a contrasting wood to an ambrosia maple turning.) It is hard to get a good reference for size with photo's, but the lid seems a bit out of proportion to the HF, but that could just be the photo's too. Either way, both pieces are nice, but they could work together better in this case.

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    I like the form and wood on both pieces, but I think I'd also side with your wife. At least in the photos, the red in the padauk doesn't seem to compliment the brown and tan tones in the maple. Like Kevin, I also feel the lid is just a smidgen too thick proportionally, but it could be the angle of the pics, too.

    Now that the critique is out of the way, I want to also add that I can only hope to do such nice work in the future.
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