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Thread: Bookshelf and new Camera ( Yea ! )

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    Bookshelf and new Camera ( Yea ! )

    Well, I finally got a digital camera. Canon A540.

    I have resisted since I have been a SLR photographer all my life and really was not satisfied with the digital camera experience.

    I finally decided that I could live with the click and 1 sec later the picture is taken for my woodworking.

    My wife also decided she might want to post some pictures on her blog

    So here is my first posting of digital pictures. I used Picasa2 as the editing and photo management software. It is pretty good. ( I have photoshop but want something LOML can also use. )

    The bookshelf was built last year. It is HD oak 3/4 ply with red oak 1" x 3/4" facing on the shelves.

    It is finished with MinWax Cherrywood Gel Stain and 3 coats of MinWax Semi gloss poly, brushed on.

    This was good experience with this type of construction. I routed the dadoes for the shelves and back panel. The shelf faces were connected using biscuits for alignment, glue and 18g nail gun. I used MinWax cherry putty to fill the nail holes.

    LOML really liked the result. She quickly filled it with some of her 500+ cook books. ( I am a really luck guy !!! )

    Now we need about 3-4 more. I gotta learn to spray on finish....

    So much to do so little time.

    BTW, how do you get the pictures in the middle of the text, like Marty does ??
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    Bartee, that's a good looking and obviously quite well used bookcase. My wife, Margaret, has at least 500 cook books and collections of magazine clippings books and the facilities that I made to store them is not nearly as good as yours.

    Pictures are placed in-line by use of the paperclip icon. You first copy all the pictures that are wanted for your post from your computer to Family Woodworking then you use the paperclip to place them where you want them in the text. To place a picture, first postion the keying cursor at the spot you want the picture, then select the paperclip. You will get a drop-down of all the pictures that you have copied and from that select the picture that is top go at this particular spot. I am attaching a screen shot that shows the drop down from one of my posts.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cheers, Frank

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    Fine looking bookcase. Also great to see it is used for BOOKS.
    You will get to love the digi cam. I'm an old time (really OLD) film photog also and resisted the change to digital. My digi is a mid-range Sony DSC-H2. I understand it's limitations but it is so doggone handy and fun to use I keep it at my right hand on my desk. My two nice film Nikons with lenses, set unused in the cabinet and haven't been out in months. Have you noticed, it is even getting hard to buy film.

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    Frank P, excellent directions, Thanks.....

    Frank F, I have taken may 35mm rolls and had them scanned to digital.

    I am thinking like you, "it is so doggone handy and fun to use "

    I am already having fun. I am overwhelmed with the options available in the Canon A540. You really have complete control. I am looking forward to taking some studio type shots of WW projects.

    BTW if you have not tried Picasa2 from Google, you might want to. It is very powerful and FREE

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    Looks great Bartee - both the pictures and the bookshelves. We just bought a Canon S3 point and shoot digital camera and we love it. Great battery life and good pictures. One thing that nobody told me before was that the speed of the flash memory card has a lot to do with battery life. Of course, the faster cards are about 3X the money - but we'd have to say it was worth it.

    The bookshelf turned out real nice - so nice you've got repeat orders!

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    Nice-looking bookshelf, Bartee. Looks like it's getting plenty of the intended use.

    And welcome to the digital camera club. I'm also a long-time 35mm SLR guy, but now I've got three different digicams (four, including the digital video camera). The one-second delay you mentioned was real apparent in my first digital camera, and older HP Photosmart 850, but my Nikon D50 SLR and Casio EX-Z60 (little pocket cam) are quick to focus and have very little lag time. And with any of them, I like being able to burn lots of 'film' in order to get the one or two extraordinary pictures.
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    Congrats on the new camera. I've been a film shooter for years, but there's something to be said about 'instant gratification'. Not to mention, the cost of film and processing has gone to ZERO!

    Nice shelf unit, and I like the collection of books...eating is another of my favorite past times!

    I didn't make the shelving as you did, but here's one shelf in my collection of cookbooks:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can you tell I like spicey food?

    Oh, and Frank's description for inserting pictures was right on. I'll add that you don't have to load all the pictures ahead of time using the paper clip, and then add them as you type. I often add pictures one or two at a time as I'm creating my posts. Sometimes I'll add more when I'm done typing and go back and insert them. And sometimes I'll work like Frank describes, add all the pictures at the start, and insert them as I go.

    We'll be watching for more pictures from you from now easy as it'll be to take and post them...and the fact that you know how to

    - Marty -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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