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Thread: A very impressive cabinet/table

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    A very impressive cabinet/table

    On the cover of the November Lee Valley catalogue, there is a picture of a cabinet/table made by Bob Batos-Parac of Ottawa. The brief description says that the chess table was inspired by traditional motifs from Croatian furniture and that it is made from yatoba, walnut, and birch.

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    I find myself looking at the cover again and again. I have never seen a picture of a work of wood art that has impressed my as much as this one. I wonder if Bob carved the chess pieces as well.

    If you have not seen the catalogue, it is really worth the effort to try and get yourself a copy. My attached photo does not really do the piece justice.
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    Cheers, Frank

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    I can see the effort and workmanship involved but am afraid that it is wasted on me. I am not a fan of ornamentation for its own sake. I am afraid that this sort of piece leaves me completely stone cold.

    But there you go - just more proof that it really does take all sorts to make a world.

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    It is an unreal piece for sure, the skill and patience that goes into this kind of thing is hard for me, a mere hack, to imagine, but........ I like things that are simpler as well, that is just personal taste.

    Still, it is an unreal piece of work....

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Very impressive indeed.
    But I could never get into that type, level of work.
    I am not an artist type woodworker.

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    I, too, could never even aspire to doing something like this myself. But, I sure can admire the work and the "artist" who created it.
    Cheers, Frank

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