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Thread: Mo' fettlin' - SJ 10" tenon saw with split nut open handle

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    Mo' fettlin' - SJ 10" tenon saw with split nut open handle

    Ok, I love to fiddle with saws...I admit it, I love joinery saws...

    This saw is most likely 150 years old! I love old saws, especially the english saws as the history pre-dates America, which has a complete history in saw making/manufacturing also.

    So, it's not often I'll actually want to let a friend have one of my prized hand saws, especially a nice one with split nuts. This one is quite rare, in the sense that it is etched "American Pattern" on the blade (with etching still proud), nice open handle, and split nuts, so it dates to pre-1880 (aprox).

    I don't plan to clean this one too much, and will most likely leave the etch alone for the recipient to take care of how he sees fit. He collects Spear Jackson handsaws, and being he's from the U.K., he's attracted to the etch, has been for a year or two since I acquired it.

    I would like to note that I have only adjusted the back on this, the toe was jammed down quite a bit as you can see in the toe photos, and there's a small piece of wood that was wedged between the rear of the back adn the back of the handle mortise which houses the brass back. I'm not sure if that can be seen clearly.

    I adjusted the back with a very tiny ball pein, and whola, it completly tightened the handle up as it put pressure against the small piece of wood. Ultimately the screws need to be taken off and redone.

    You can also see it's taken a couple good blows/drops to the top horn of the handle, in fact each side has taken a good wack!

    Also worth noting is how the grain runs almost exactly across the handle (not sure that is visible in the photos), as I note Mike Wenzloff typically does on his handles. It makes sense as you push into the long grain as you cut that way.

    Previous pics with smashed down back, here. (hard to see how smashed down it was)

    (linky pic)

    I will clean the blade, clean the brass back, and clean the handle a bit, but will leave this one pretty much as-is, aside from making it completely usable with a good sharpening. This one is destined for it's homeland!

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    That is really cool Alan, a neat saw and a good story to go with it.


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    And this is what I got in trade

    I traded this Spear & Jackson 10" with "American Pattern" etch on it for these 3 saws.

    I got a 10" Bishop adjustable with crosscut and rip teeth, a 14" Brittain which is missing one saw nut, previous owner will send to me, and the nicest of the lot, an 8" Spear & Jackson open handle (but with slotted nuts) which is a very nice user.

    (linky pic, click to see other 2 saws)

    Both parties happy with the trade.
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