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Thread: Looks Like .................

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    Looks Like .................

    Walnut to me. It is a very heavy and dense wood.

    This wood was given to me at last weeks gun show and the guy didn't know what type of wood it is.
    I used a piece on this Gun Metal Bolt Action that I plan to give him at the next gun show for the wood he gave me.

    Sanded to 400X, buffed with extra fine steel wool, sealed with 4 costs of Thin CA, buffed with extra fine steel wool,
    applied 6 coats of MINWAX WBOM Polyurethane using my "Dipping Method", buffed with extra fine steel wool and polished with Huts Ultra Gloss.


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    Very nice, as always Les!

    The wood could be Rosewood, have some that looks very much like that, and it is used in bespoke gun stocks.
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    Nice combo Les...hard to beat free walnut!
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