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Thread: Friday and Mother's day weekend

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    Friday and Mother's day weekend

    So it's going to rain again and I don't hunt in the rain , I do paint but my son Jon has planned a Dinner for the Mothers of the family at his new home. All day Saturday get together. Right now I need to get a lot of work done in the shop .
    Happy Mothers Day to all you Mom's !
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    Today I meet with the civil engineer at Five Talents. WooHoo! More on that later in a new thread.
    This weekend work on the book and Sunday there is a special musical service at church.
    Not a Mom, so maybe a chili dog for lunch on Sunday.
    Do need to make a list of stuff to retrieve from the Putter Palace to outfit my new little storage shed so I can work on Big John.
    Getting back to warm temperatures here, so shorts are in order. Last few days were windy and cold. Crazy weather.

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    My sister, her kids and my parents are camping at a state park close to hear tonight so I'm taking the girl out there to have hot dogs, beans and smores cook on the fire. Tomorrow morning I'm bike shopping, need a road bike as my old mountain bike is showing it's age. Tomorrow night we are off to an Iowa Cubs baseball game for my nephew's 10th birthday. Sunday will be yard work, we had a hail and wind storm last night that brought down a few little limbs and put sticks everywhere.
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    I'm continuing some shop re-arrangements today along with cutting some dogwood logs to whatever I can get from them. I had let the dogwood get mixed in with firewood, so some of it is now spalted (not altogether a bad thing). There's plenty of it that will lend itself to stabilizing, so that'll be one of my next efforts.

    Saturday will be a bit more in the shop as well as moving some plants in the yard.

    On Sunday, I prepare brunch as usual, then settle in for some racing.
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    More outside work. Got a new laser level and will try and figure out how it works. The missus wants pizza for Mothers Day and she gets what she wants Happy Mothers Day Mom's!

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    I've got a three day weekend. My parents are in town and visiting tonight, so they be seeing their great grandson for the first time in person. Tomorrow I've got a bunch of yard work to do, but looks like it may rain, so more shop time for me if so. Have some purging to do in the shop as well as maybe building some shelving, so it will work out either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    More outside work. Got a new laser level and will try and figure out how it works. The missus wants pizza for Mothers Day and she gets what she wants Happy Mothers Day Mom's!

    you better start driving up to NY soon. What you get in Virginia isn't really pizza, anyone can throw sauce and cheese on dough.
    (its the one thing we have that no one in the world could ever match, pizza, and going to the original nathans in coney island)

    the wife had a slight procedure yesterday, so maybe if shes up to it I will take her to the racino today, up to her.
    all the family coming here sunday, I have to do the bbq'ing, not thrilled about that, but Ill get my bil to help.

    when I walked into the upstairs bathroom before, I ripped the towel rack smack out of the plaster walls, so now I have two large ripped out holes. Guess Ill be plastering later today also, repainting, ech.

    Nothing else planned. Im on the infusions this week, so it will be a sleepy stay in bed week until Thursday or Friday.
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    Finish prepping the shed, located at the edge of the woods, for painting: removing mold/mildew from the siding & replacing weather rotted trim.
    Since today is a rainy day I'll core aerating the lawn tomorrow, then freshen the mulch around the house.
    Taking the LOML out for an early dinner Sunday afternoon at our favorite restaurant, named the "Mileaway"; one that we've frequented & thoroughly enjoyed for over 45 years".
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    No kids and no mom, but Stacey's birthday is Sunday so after work it's off to breakfast with other hospital folk and then dinner Sunday night.
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    Playing a happy hour gig tonight, and running video cameras at my sister's handbell choir concert tomorrow afternoon.

    Planning to do a bit of wiring work on a new (to me) guitar speaker cabinet sometime this weekend, then I intend to shake some dust loose in my apartment trying out a new amp. My neighbors may not like me by the time I'm done, lol. With my current acoustic/electric band, I don't use an amp onstage at all...I simply run directly into the PA system. But I'm gearing up for a new project that will require a full-blown high volume rig onstage. A 160 watt power amp running into a 4x12 slant-face speaker cabinet should do the trick. Standing in front of a speaker cabinet and feeling your pants legs flapping in the breeze from a nice and crunchy A chord is a fun experience.

    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. No mom for me anymore, so nothing special planned here.
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