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Thread: Electrical connections on machine motors

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    Electrical connections on machine motors

    This is just a warning and heads up to you all to take a moment and check them motor connections on a new machine.
    I change the cable out on most of my machines, dont like the rigid pvc tai chi stuff.
    So in process i have to connect to the motor terminal block.
    Well suprise suprise when i am done connecting the cable side, i checked the scew on the motor side and it was lose and did not want to tighten.
    So i figured oh oh they stripped this at factory. Take screw out and look what i found.
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    You can see in the brass piece they tapped into the tapped hole ended up on the side which split and never could hold a screw down. When i pulled the rest they were not much better but worse the plate used is so thin i decided to scrap it and put a new one in.
    Of course murphy had to get in on the act so new mounting holes had to be drilled and tapped but all ended well. Now at least i wont have a "hot" joint. The currents that flow in these cicuits are not to be taken lightly and need secure connections so very worthwhile if to pop the cover and just check the screws on yours, cheaper than a new motor.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This was a grizzly drill press 1.5hp motor i hope someone from Grizzly gets to see this it would save them on future warranty.
    Now to get back to using the Dp.

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    Rob You saved yourself a lot of grief down the road it appears. You did the right thing, (An ounce of prevention thingie)
    I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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