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Thread: Adirondack Chairs (and table??)

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    Adirondack Chairs (and table??)

    Well, since this other thread went so well (CLICK), I'm going to have to follow through and build some chairs. Although, I do want to remind everyone that the MAIN purpose of these chairs is to use up a bunch of 2x6 and 2x8 pressure treated that's been hogging space in my garage for over a year now!

    Allen Levine graciously sent me some plans, which I've used as a starting point. The plans called for 3/4" stock throughout, which I've upsized to construction 2x and 5/4 decking material. So 1.5" and 1" stock. These things are going to be heaaaaaaaa-vy.

    Here's Allen's plan next to my revision:

    And here are two shots of my revision:

    I stole some ideas from the Wood Whisper's "Greene and Greene Adirondack Chair" guild project. I was also inspired by a Google search for "arts and crafts adirondack". I didn't go through the Sketchup model and radius all the corners and things, so it actually looks a little more Art Deco to my eye than Arts & Crafts, but all of the stepped sections will be rounded and pleasant. I'm also expecting I'll burn up 2 or 3 1/4" roundover bits and perhaps even my $15 HF trim router; I'm going to ease every single edge on these things.

    I'll finish using leftover stain from my table project. I don't think I'll put Spar Varnish on it, though. Maybe SWMBO will make me, but it seems like it would really be a chore to do. I woodwork for fun!

    Almost forgot to add - these take 15.5' of 5/4x6 decking, 15' of 2x6, and about 6' of 2x8 (depending on how you choose to do the arms). It was very important to me to keep the decking under 16' as I don't actually have any left over decking and will have to buy that. I've got a stupid amount of 2x6. Like 4x 16'ers, 3x 12'ers, then 4x 2x8x12's.

    If there's STILL too much wood, I'm considering building a small end table/coffee table with an ice bucket built in. To complete the set. Like this Lumberjock: CLICK. But only 18"x18" or 24"x24" instead of a full dinner table.
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    I like it. It's a unique design for sure. The "Art Deco" look is actually kind of cool. Are you going to make the back flat as in your drawing or put a bit of a curve in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Richards View Post
    I like it. It's a unique design for sure. The "Art Deco" look is actually kind of cool. Are you going to make the back flat as in your drawing or put a bit of a curve in?
    Thanks. The angles and FOV setting in Sketchup kind of hide it, but it is curved some: 1" on 22" wide. I don't plan to fan or splay the boards out vertically, though. The angle between the seat and back is roughly 98* and the entire kit n caboodle is raked back to 65*.

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    I would make the arms the 5/4 decking, not the 2 by's
    arms look kinda thick in the picture.
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    I think they really look nice. My only problem with Adirondack chairs, and Morris chairs for that matter, is they sit too low. Makes it harder for this old goat to get out of. If I ever made one they would be taller than any plans I have seen call for. I made my Morris chair per the plans and I and anyone in my generation sits in it comments on how low to the floor it is, as I help them get out of it!
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