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Thread: One Task Accomplished Today

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    One Task Accomplished Today

    This is something I did when my kids were little, that was when back seats didn't have seat belts and booster seats, were not required, ya, a long time ago. Anyway I made a shelf that fit between the back seat and the back of the front seat. It added about 7" of seat for the kids to move around it. Well the kids are long gone, but we have 2 four legged kids that usually travel with us. One is a BIG Dobe and the other a pretty, well is going to be big Standard Poodle. They get crowded in the back seat and my Dobe doesn't travel well when he is crowded. He kind of goes into panic mode. So this morning I got up and built a shelf again. I carpeted the shelf for more padding and to ensure it didn't wear on the seats. They will love it when we head to the coast next week

    Not much, but at least I got to use a few tools today!

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    i can relate to a panicky large co rider, mine is 86lbs
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    Looks like a great idea! I'm sure your travel buddies will be happier with this setup in place.

    Our one dog likes to sit on top of the ice chest in the back (with a blanket on top) so he can look out. I suspect yours don't have a problem seeing out though

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    Two Items we use for our dogs: Seat cover/hammock; and car harnesses

    The hammock keeps them off the floor, and keeps the seats clean, and the harnesses keep them firmly in place so they don't 'launch' in a panic stop. If your car is new enough to have the LATCH® belt system in it (intended for installation of kiddie seats) then the harnesses are particularly good. The attach to the locked belts, and allow some freedom of movement, but also restrain the animal in case of an accident. We don't leave home without them.
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    Darn, why didn't I think of that

    Project for today
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    Sort of a tangential story...

    Years ago I was working in the mountains of AZ with my wife at the time, Pamela. We worked in AZ during the week and drove back home to NM every weekend.

    One week, a large dog showed up on the porch of our cabin, and over the next couple of days, we decided we were keeping him, but we needed to take him back to NM. We were in a pickup truck with a standard cab, so there was no room for the dog in the cab with us. No soon as I dropped the tailgate the dog gladly jumped in the back of the truck, excited as a kid in a candy store. He had obviously ridden in the back of a truck before. Of course, being young and dumb, we didn't tie the dog down.

    As I started getting up to speed on the highway, I saw in the rear view mirror that the dog had his front feet on top of the truck toolbox and was looking over the top of the cab. Then a few moments later, I looked and saw his hind feet were on the toolbox, and he had his front feet on the roof of the cab...really catching the wind. Moments later, the hind feet disappear from my view...he had climbed completely onto the roof of the cab. I slowed down gently but came to a stop as quickly as I could. When we got out of the truck to look, we found the dog sitting on top of the cab, obviously enjoying the view immensely.

    We put a leash on the dog and Pamela rode in the bed of the truck with the dog all the way back to NM.
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    I am taking my dog with me to the cottage in June. (I told the Memsahib that if Pepper couldn't come with us, that was OK; I would just stay home and take care of her. I meant it, too.) I suggested we buy a travel crate and put it in the back of the truck, but as LOML is going to be driving the SUV, I'll probably just put Pepper in the passenger's seat. She sits there with a big grin on her face, and never interferes with my driving, so it's the best of both worlds for us. Any humans who want to go with us can use the jump seats.

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    Sounds to me like its going to be an interesting drive. oh add some space for a few shop tools too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    Dogs cannot speak.

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    My 2 dog's eyes speak volumes.
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