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Thread: It's Friday! - 5/16/2014 Edition

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    It's Friday! - 5/16/2014 Edition

    TGIF! It's supposed to get up into the 80's next week here, so might try to get the pool cover off this weekend and get it cleaned up as well as the fountain. I should have some more parts coming in for my DC project to move it further along. I also may try to get the CNC up and going again as I have some linear rails and bearings I may try to retrofit it with. Other than that I'm just hanging with the grandson.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Actually, 'weekend' kinda started Thursday afternoon with me putting five slabs of pork spare ribs in the smoker. Sure made for some good eatin' for supper last night!

    Friday: Started the day taking a walk with LOML. I'm in my shop now ready to continue with some re-arrangements of equipment and stuff.

    Saturday: In the shop for a while to continue with the re-arrangements, organization, and re-purposing efforts. Then, probably a nap to prepare for watching the NASCAR All-Star race.

    Sunday: The usual - brunch, then whatever else happens.
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    back to the shop, working on projects.
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    Fridays come by so often these days. used to be a week lasted for seven days. Now it seems a week is much shorter!
    Had my annual follow-up evaluation of the total knee replacement. Now I have an appointment Tuesday to have the arthritis in my fingers examined. Reached the point where I'm very limited on what I can do.
    On the plus side our daughter is visiting for several days. So that adds a pleasant dimension to the week.
    Today we'll be seeing the Godzilla movie. We haven't seen a monster movie since the last King Kong show, so it ought to be interesting (I hope). Suspect it may be another Godzilla Dud!
    For the weekend, it'll be grilled steaks & a restaurant for dinner.
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    Helping with set up for my daughter's school carnival this afternoon and then attending said carnival. Tomorrow morning is a long bike ride, for me anyway, 15-20 miles if I'm up for it. Tomorrow afternoon/evening is a barn party at a friend of my BILs that will have 3 bands...should be fun. Sunday I'm determined to get my garage/shop cleaned/rearranged enough to have room to start on a bunk bed for the girl.
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    Mine has started off,,, not so good! I am leaving Monday for trip to the Oregon coast. Be fore packing the trailer, I decided to paint some wood blocks I made to put under the trailer jacks. Open the can of paint, mixed it good, started applying paint. Picked up the can of paint to move it and dropped it! What a mess. Lucky I decided to paint outside! Hope this isn't an omen on how the rest of the weekend is going to go!
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    Making a trip to the Putter Palace today to collect tools for the tractor shade build. Wanted to do it last weekend but I am learning I plan to do more that I can get done. Tomorrow depends on the smoke level in the air. May have to stay indoors for another day. So hanging loose. Cooler weather coming. Good for firefighting! My problem for a few days more will be smoke and ash. Kind of interesting. I can drive a mile north and there isn't nearly as much smoke in the air. But I seem to be in an area where it collects.

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    Floor was refinished this week so I need to remove a temporary platform I built.

    Saturday is to install some new doors

    Saturday I MIGHT be able to get a start on my Route 66 signs

    Sunday my son's graduation ceremonies -- He is graduating his Masters in Finance. That's a trip to Conn for us - all day event

    Darren - sure would be nice to get more details on your CNC endeavors

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    Playing a gig tonight at a local tavern. It's been a busy week...this will be our third show this week.

    Saturday morning I'm heading a couple of hours northwest of here to go hiking and find some waterfalls with a friend. Might go see Eric McFadden Saturday night since he's in town for a rare local performance. He's an Albuquerque guitarist/singer who's made a good name for himself worldwide. I've never met him but we have lots of mutual friends.

    Sunday will be a day of more guitar playing. I need to learn about 40 songs in pretty short order for another band that I'm jockeying into position to join. This band plays a bit more upbeat stuff than the band I'm in now, and their typical schedule would coincide nicely with my current band. I could play Beatles/America/Simon & Garfunkle type stuff on the weekdays and then do more rock guitar-heavy Van Halen/Def Leppard/Iron Maiden type stuff on the weekends.

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    Just chilling and playing in the garden. Unloaded 8 yards of mulch yesterday and my muscles are telling me to take a day or two off. We've had a nice mix of spring weather here and as a result the garden is doing nicely.

    Click image for larger version. 

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