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Thread: A Question About Needle Files

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    A Question About Needle Files

    I have a cheap set of HF needle files that I have about worn out. I want to replace them, because I do use them often. I'm wondering if the diamond files are better than the steel ones. Are they good for wood work or more for medal? I know nothing about them other than I use them a lot. Maybe the HF ones are good enough, but if there is an upgrade that is worth a little extra money I'd be willing to spring for it.
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    I don't think the diamond ones would work all that great on wood, although I haven't tried them.. it seems like they'd be bad for clogging up with the more fiberous stuff.

    I have a set of italian made swiss cut needle files which I've only used lightly and have nothing to compare them to.. not super cheap and I mostly only use them for cleanup on details on carvings.

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