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Thread: And Yet Another Question???

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    And Yet Another Question???

    Got to get all these questions asked so I will have some reading material when I get back.

    Here goes. This is something I've been wondering about for sometime. I want a carving tool like a Foredom or there about. Just curious, I have a sewing machine motor with the foot pedal. If I could figure a why to hook a flexible shaft to it would it have enough power/speed for carving? I doubt if it has enough speed, I don't know what the top rpms are. It is out of an older Singer. I've kept this motor for years because I just know it has to be good for something.
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    You'd be surprised how fast the sewing machine motor turns with no load on it. Probably something approaching 12,000 rpm. has no torque at that speed. That's why it's geared so far down in the sewing machine. If you could fit a shaft, it'd likely work for very light cutting, but would stall quite easily.

    I have one mounted on a jeweler's drill press, geared 1:2, and it really flies with no load, but will bog down with a #60 drill bit in it, drilling 0.032 soft brass.
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    I am such a good "Singer" that little old motor would probably turn 25,000 trying to get away from me. So bring it on over.

    Would a Dremel with its flex shaft have enough poof to do what you want to do?

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