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Thread: I need a Good Shop Vacuum ???

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    I need a Good Shop Vacuum ???

    Recently i had my main large shop vac go out..I contacted Shopvac and they sent a replacement motor and then a week or so later my smaller shopvac went out. This time they wont even acknowledge my email. Needless to say I wont buy another Shopvac....(On another note I have an older ...25 yrs old...Shopvac and it i still running strong.
    Anyhow I need a brandname and best place to buy a shop vacuum cleaner. I am going to buy a small one (I think) I think this time to use in house vacuuming dryer ,under fridge and this type stuff. Any help is appreciated! I might buy a regular size one.

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    I'd look at Rigid at Home Depot. I have a small one the really sucks - in a good way. and also not all that loud.

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    I have a Makita, it is most likely not available over there but it is very good, stainless steel drum, and I really like the tool control option, if you plug a tool into it, like a sander or my Festool track saw, when you turn on the tool, the vacuum comes on, and when you shut off the tool the vacuum runs for five seconds then turns off. This is a very worthwhile function and if you can get it on whatever vacuum you end up buying I'd pay more for this option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    I'd look at Rigid at Home Depot. I have a small one the really sucks - in a good way. and also not all that loud.
    I purchased a rigid at home depot a few years back on a july 4th. They were open with ridiculously low prices on sale items.
    I purchased the rigid for under 20 bucks. Its the best shop vac Ive ever used. (I had 2 genies, one shop vac brand, and a yellow one Im not sure what brand its hidden under a table)
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    Another Ridged fan here, have one at work and in my shop at home

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    I have a Ridged and a ShopVac I would go for the Ridged in a heart beat it's a much better Vac I think
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    I need a Good Shop Vacuum ???

    Rigid here also. Just got one a few months ago and run it with my dust deputy. No complaints and much quieter than my old shop vac.
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    I have an Alto-Wap. Phenomenal vacuum. Quiet, light, and does an amazing job. Pretty sure mine is the 8 gallon variety.

    The Festool vacs are good, as are the Fein's.
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    I have a 5-gal Ridgid that just keeps going and going and going and...

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    I have a Festool CT22 that has given me exceptional service over the past 7 years. Also, have an Ultra Dust deputy attached. Never have to replace the vac bags.


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