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Thread: Friday is here again!

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    Dec 2012
    Bedford, NH

    Friday is here again!

    Showers Fri thru Sun, nice Monday @ 77 F. So the plan is a weather work-around - mostly errands with perhaps a parade & some activity in the shop - basically a lazy weekend. Monday is a family BBQ day.
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    Working on a car.

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    Woodworking - finally. Cutting joinery on the shade structure for Big John.

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    busy monkey here, getting paint for the kitchen, replacing a sander, picking up wood for the nephew's corner cabinet, the new chairs, and for the other stuff going on.
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    Ride the motorcycle as much as possible.
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    Quiet night tonight...outdoors all day tomorrow with a couple BBQs to attend. Sunday I'm a single dad for most of the day so probably a bike ride to our favorite sandwich shop (since the wife isn't a fan like the girl and I are), then another BBQ with extended family. Monday is relax time and shop time.
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    Laying sod, staying out of the rain.

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    spent yesterday most of day at doctors appts with wife, so today Im going to relax, head over to the movie theater, a once every 5 years experience for me.
    tomorrow, final sanding and put first coat of stain on rolling printer stand, sunday second coat if dry enough, and my son is having everyone over for bbq sunday night, watch the hockey game on a 12 foot screen in his yard
    no plans for Monday.

    totally unmotivated to woodwork, although I have 3-4 small projects to get going on, and then making new top for coffee table and new doors for entertainment unit. just have to get my woodworking mojo back.
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    Playing in the garden, BBQ with friends, excavating by hand for a driveway extension.

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Continuing the house purge. Time to haul all the old clothes and other items we have been collecting for charity off to their next stop. Anywhere but in the house ;-)
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