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Thread: That folding table I liked???

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    That folding table I liked???

    Well, I got to thinking I might like to have another, especially since my back reminded me I need every advantage I can get. Went to Amazon and found the $60 deal.


    It turns out there are two models of that table. The $60 model does not have adjustable legs. The one I got from Costco does. Amazon's price was $110.


    Went on-line with Costco. They no longer stock them.

    Double bummer.

    Today I stopped by Costco for something else and guess what was out in the aisle being tripped over? That table WITH the adjustable legs for $50!!! Seems they are discontinuing them and wholesaling them out the door. A lesson in looking before leaping.

    Needless to say there is another one in the back of my car as I type this.

    Sorry if I unintentionally misled anyone. But somebody has to be lucky once in a while and today it was my turn.

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    Nice score at less than half price!

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    Carol said, "But somebody has to be lucky once in a while and today it was my turn." Actually, that was the way I passed Chemistry in college. We don't talk about what happened to me in high school chemistry. My escapade was etched into the south wall of the lab...Well I guess that had to happen to someone too.

    Nice score lady---You deserve it.

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    That folding table I liked???

    Hmm...the Amazon one is on its way to me, but I might still go check the local Costco to see if I can get lucky.
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