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Thread: Friday , Friday , Friday

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    Friday , Friday , Friday

    here we are again ! Working this weekend to get the cash for the long bike trip. Maybe get some Turkey calls turned. I'm enjoying the learning process and the learning curve was not to bad It only took me about 10 calls to get me to where I wan to be.
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    Weekend taken up with family again. Not a bad thing at all!

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    Saturday night, well, since long island will be a traffic nightmare, gonna watch the ponies, then the RANGERS.
    sunday, I hired one of my gardeners men to go into my crawlspace and spend a few hours getting a lot of old junk out and then trash bagging a ton of old debris and sweeping it all clean.
    today, maybe give my bil a call, I think hes on vacation, take him to lunch.

    I redid a top for the coffee table in my back room, its all glued up waiting for final sanding and then oiling, poly, but Im too lazy to start that today
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    After Stacey knocks down for a couple hours, shopping, garage cleaning, beer making and cooking. Tonight is Food Truck Friday and a few Farmers Markets. Tomorrow is a street faire and Muck-out in Virginia City...don't ask cuz I don't know...but we're going for the food and beverage selection!
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    My neices HS graduation party is tonight but other than that there are no plans!!! We just got a new roof put on the house and quite a few plants got trampled. It was unavoidable though...I need to cut some stuff back and hope for new growth but a few things need to be replaced. Also the new roof makes all the little spots of trim that need repainting REALLY stand out some ladder time with scraper/paint brush in hand is in my near future for sure.
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    Tonight, probably cleaning up the pool and shocking it, but looks like it may be raining and cool this weekend anyway. Need to get the photo booth out and do a setup check for my nephew's wedding next weekend. Want to also doe some practice on the lathe, need to make some file handles, will use some copper plumbing caps for ferrules. Also might be taking the grandson down to meet the great great grandparents.

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    Everything is on hold. Back is still out. Pain is barely tolerable. Down for the count for the time being. Literally.

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    Cut the grass today and went to the dump. Saturday we are having a birthday party for one of my grandsons and grand daughters. Just hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.
    Sunday we are going to my mother in laws house in Mass. It's the one year anniversary of my father in laws death. She is having a Mass (I think that's what it's called) in his honor at her church and then a small get together at her home.
    Finally got my shop cleaned and picked up after making all the chairs so now I'm looking for a new project to mess it up again.
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    Have I ever said - covers for the ceiling beams??

    I am also going to try to do some fun CNC stuff.

    At this point - I already Owe you all a huge pile of pics of work from the last 2-3 months.

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    Hoping to get the trimmer working, mowing the lawn & finally getting the hinge thing resolved.

    Running the usual errands & going out to dinner with the LOML.

    Enjoying the good weekend weather!
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