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Thread: How attached are you to your phone ?

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    How attached are you to your phone ?

    One of the best ad's I have seen yet, share this it may save a life.
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    Great ad. Let's hope it has some impact on those who think that it can never happen to me.
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    Good one Dave! If you must have phone contact, it's better to have Bluetooth on the radio.
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    I'm going to show that to my oldest grand daughter next time she is over, she just got her drivers permit and this is good timing

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    Some of you know that I drive a Bus for Greyhound. We have another bus company that also uses our depot. One of their drivers was coming into the depot, was half way thru a right turn when he struck a pedestrian and killed her. Early reports are that she was Jay-walking and texting on her cellphone and walked right into his blind spot. 18 years old and 2 weeks from graduating from high school. People really need to wake up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Mooney View Post
    People really need to wake up!
    unfortunatly too many won't.
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    Not to speak about others and their actions or lack of them, but to resolve that for myself, there is no conversation, speech or text, so important that it cannot wait for me to arrive in a safe place to deal with it.

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    Speaking of distractions, I watched a commercial yesterday, by Nissan, about all the technology they have in one of their cars. It was like having a computer right on your dash. Through the whole commercial the driver was fiddling with it. It was every bit as bad as texting while driving. I thought that is the next killer. All that wonderful stuff to take your mind off driving!

    Great commercial you posted. I will be forwarding it.
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    I"m with Carol on this. Besides, I leave my phone at home a lot. Just forget to take it with me. This is proof that I am not 15 years old, if you needed any.

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    I had to get rid of my daughters car a few months back.
    A 20 y/o was on the highway and sideswiped my daughter.
    He admitted to police he was texting.
    Noone was hurt.
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