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Thread: Byrd head for powermatic 100 planer

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    Byrd head for powermatic 100 planer

    I have a powermatic 100 planer that Ive had for a few years and now Ive been using my grizzly 490x jointer with a spiral head I was thinking that I should upgrade to a byrd head on the planer too. Any reason I shouldn't pull the trigger on a byrd from Anyone know of a promo code, I saw something about a 10% code awhile back on the creek forum.

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    byrd head for certian with or without promo code and holbren is a top notch business to get them from.. Brian is one stand up guy!! cant say enough good about the fella..
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    Brian belongs to a few forums where he offers members a 10% discount. I frequent Woodnet and he offers the discount to them if they just mention "Woodnet member" in the comments box. Great place to do business, he's one stand up guy.
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    I placed an order with Brian yesterday, he was very helpful. They no longer offer a forum discount, which I understand considering their low price and free shipping.

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